Medical IT Specialist

Medical IT Specialist

We are in an IT-dependent world where every sector needs IT solutions to deliver their services and products. The health sector is not an exemption as all medical clinics now rely on IT. The new privacy rules by the Australian government has made it increasingly imperative for all medical clinics to ensure IT security and continuity that can guarantee consistency, confidentiality, and privacy of medical services being delivered.

IT Solutions for Medical Clinics from Top-Ranking IT Professionals

Based on our understanding of these new privacy rules and the needs for medical clinics to improve their IT system, AlphaClick has created a team of professionals whose wealth of experience will play pivotal roles in providing unsurpassed IT solutions to medical clinics. We pride ourselves as the dependable team that can provide customized solutions for both small and big clinics without causing any financial constraints to their budgets. Our IT services can help you with data backup plans and procedures as well as proactive maintenance and monitoring of your IT systems to reduce downtime to the bearable minimum levels so that you can cater to the health needs of your patients.

Instead of increasing your clinic running cost with the services of in-house IT technicians who may not even have the expertise and experience required to manage your system, let our knowledgeable, well-trained and experienced professionals offer you the same services at a competitive rate. Having worked and still working with many medical clinics in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, we are not greenhorns in providing tailored medical IT solutions.

Our Services for medical clinics:

  • New clinic establishment
  • Multi Clinic Setup
  • IT equipment purchase
  • Fully Managed IT
  • Clinic in the cloud / Medical Clinic Private Cloud
  • Firewall and security
  • Continuous data backup systems
  • IT helpdesk based in Australia
  • Onsite IT support

A few of the practice management software we are conversant with include:



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While you are saving the lives of your patients with your medical skills,  let’s save your IT systems and networks from issues that may hamper your medical services. Call us now at AlphaClick and get high-quality IT services for your medical clinics.

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