Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data backup is all about copying and archiving your business information, patient records, financial information and other important information that are usually for the effective management of your business. Keeping your information safe and secure is one of our major concerns at AlphaClick, and this is why we provide unique data solution that can help you keep your data alive for as long as you want. Our data backup and disaster recovery services ensure the continuity of your business without allowing disaster to get the best of your systems.

From on-site backups to public cloud backups and private cloud backups, there are several forms of backup options that we can offer you based on your specific business needs as well as preferences. Even if you do not understand the best type of data backup options that suit your business, our experienced and highly trained professionals will assist you in choosing the best.

What We Offer

When using our data backup and disaster recovery services, we offer you:

  • Timely managed backup services based on your agreement with us.
  • Regular monitoring of the conditions of your data and systems to ensure that potential problems are identified and prevented.
  • Regular reports of all activities, consumption, resolutions, and changes so as to keep you abreast of your data backups.

Why Use Our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • To ensure the continuity of your business as your systems and data are effectively protected from losses.
  • To recover all information concerning your business and customers even after an unforeseen disaster has taken place.



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